About the Authors

Shirley Touchstone & Anita Dowty

Shirley Touchstone & Anita Dowty

     SHIRLEY TOUCHSTONE has been on an amazing journey since her son, David, and her husband, Barney went to their heavenly home.  Shirley is currently leading two GriefShare programs.  She co-leads Seniors Growing with Christ, a Bible study at Heritage United Methodist Church in Van Buren, Arkansas.  Shirley loves making new friends and remains close to many of her friends she has known for years.

      ANITA DOWTY has also been through many tragedies, obstacles and changes in her life since one of her son’s lost his eyesight and another lost his life in a motorcycle/car accident.  In 2006, Anita ran into Shirley and they got reacquainted.  (They used to work at the same clinic.)  Shirley invited Anita to come to church with her.  This led Anita back to Christ and the rest is history, as you will see when you read this book.  Anita’s life has never been the same.


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